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Matt (Woody) Woodman [MISTD], L3 BA(Hons) Graphic Designer, at UWE Bristol
Matt is a passionate, adept and dedicated multi-disciplinary graphic designer with a technical prowess for typography and editorial, implemented across both print and digital media.

An awarded member of the International Society of Typographic Designers and true perfectionist he lingers on detail always looking to rationalise and contextualise communication and the applications of design.

Principled, community minded and morally aware Matt believes that graphic design should be used with integrity as a tool to impart positive social change, influence behaviour, empower individuals and instigate dramatic and direct change in everyday life. Fuelled by a sense that visual communication carries impetus and cultural impact, these values have informed the fundamental preposition of his philosophy: to craft products, communications, behaviour, interactions and traditional design services via a creative process. This leads to the production of practical solutions with significant meaning and value to all users involved.

Savant, night owl, realist, cyclist, libertarian, culture vulture, beard enthusiast and analogue synthesiser fanatic

Design Profile


Currently seeking
Matt is an ethically and socially conscientious graphic designer living in South Bristol. His multi-disciplinary practice offers creative solutions and design services to a range of industries and patrons including; the arts, creatives (of all practices), charities and non-profit fundraising organisations, educational initiatives, funded projects, cultural institutes and responsible small local business.

Currently available for opportunities involving;

Contract employment, short-term studio freelancing, internships and work experience, multidisciplinary collaborations (with creatives and individuals of all practices), freelance commission, service quotation, consultation, friendly advice and positive experiences

Previously assisting on projects for;

WesternEye, Santini, UK Cycling, British Sport, Swift Carbon and Millfield School

Design Services

Services include;

Design (including web, digital and print), art-working, concept generation, creative research, workshop and immersive design, copy editing and editorial, print (production, management, pre-press and finishing), web development (and social media integration), web management (updates, amendments and content management), marketing and social media, image correction and aftercare


Matt takes a modernist, 'less is more', approach to design and visual communication, seeking to distill design interactions into their most concentrate and rational form. This he does predominantly through the applications of rationalised creativity, content curation, reasoned typographic abstraction, photography, composition and conscientious mark making. These themes, and particularly a strong implementation of typography, run in parallel to all of his creative works.

Splitting his practice into three distinct subsections (design creativity / thought / typography) Matt's work unites these disciplines to craft pleasing and meaningful interactions.

Matt's creative works are enforced by a high level of technical skill and knowledge working with the Adobe Creative Suite. This is supported by an understanding of industry standard conventions and current best practice. Immersed in contemporary creative and digital media he is versed in, but not restricted by, current trends of visual communication, design methodology and relevant industry terminology. This understanding extends to Matt's professional design practice and the process that informs his work. Motivated to continue learning Matt is driven autonomously to apply himself to new and ever more complex disciplines that better his practice.



Matt offers a small bespoke print-making, finishing and art-working service using an A2 custom hand-built silk-screen printing press and an Adana 5×3 British letterpress for the production of short and limited runs.


Proficient configuring web domains and hosting services alongside industry standard web management applications such as FTP software, Matt is able to offer a digital design, responsive web and UI for app service.

The foundations of this are supported by a sound understanding of current conventions in CSS, HTML, @font-face and basic jQuery mark-up.


Strong research, communication and literacy skills coupled with an extensive understanding of standard practice in typographic conventions allows Matt to offer an editorial service that includes; copywriting, type-setting, publication design and book-making.

This involves implementation of a print process from concept and design through to print management, pre-press and finishing (hand-binding, paper mechanics, spot finishes and inserts).


Matt is well educated in typographic history, type selection for appropriate commmunciation, type-design, conventions, the implementation of special stylings and Adobe Indesign typesetting workflow. An honorary student membership awarded to him by the International Society of Typographic Designers is testament to his skill in this field.

This enables him to offer a typsetting service for all manner of media from full length publications to digital web. Producing finished designs that are composed utilising rigour, consistency, contrast, balance and hierarchy.

Opentype App

The featured opentype web tool allows typographers to assess the extended typsetting capabilities and applications of Opentype (.otf) and Truetype (.ttf) font formats


This tool developed by Pablo Impallari (impallari.com) and Pablo Cosgaya (omnibus-type.com), based on Fontdrag (fontdragr.com) and Dave Crossland's FontTest, is an open source application which can now be accessed via Github.

Primarily intended for type designers and independent foundries the app is a useful resource for assessing how typefaces will behave on the web. It works simply by the user dragging and dropping the desired .ttf or .otf into the upper zone of the web page. This version of the application requires Firefox 3.6+/Chrome 13+, stores all files on 'localStorage' and has had some visual and technical adaption made to its code for use on this site.

Visit Pablo Impallari's site to learn more.



A manifesto for professional design practice

The Manifesto for Professional Design Practice is a compilation of rules and consistencies learnt throughout the undertaking of a professional career as a Graphic Designer. This ongoing project is a documentation of the process of learning and discovery that every creative must be subject to in the context of a career in the creative industry.

Coming from experience working with clients, as well as ongoing design research, these guides, observations and documented fallacies will serve as critical reflection on the process of self-directed and professional learning.

This project is a work in progress and will be published soon.


Featured Portfolio

Below may be found a small selection of the most popular, acclaimed and critically received projects in this portfolio for ease of simple and quick navigation. The full portfolio is much more extensive and can be accessed via the site's drop-down navigation menu or simply by scrolling from one project to the next.


Homely But Not At Home

A homage to Stanley Kubrick's 1980 cult horror masterpiece 'The Shining', Homely But Not At Home was commended with a Merit by the International Society of Typographic Designers awarding body.

The Temporal Isle

On the 24th September 2013 Zalzala Jazeera, a land mass never before witnessed by mankind, rose out of the Arabian Ocean. This publication seeks to account for the short lifetime of this new and enigmatic island.

Family Ties

Constructing illustrative letterforms through mark-making, using narrative and visual language to convey history, legacy, identity and personality in the form of two bespoke monograms.

A Matter of Time

An infographic designed to explore precisely what periods of time routine activities can amount to over a 15 day (360 hour) period interval with the goal of identifying wasted or neglected time.

Subjects of Matter

Short publication documenting a sixty minute dialogue addressing the common individual's understanding, preconceptions and assumptions on the topic of the physical sciences.

MDW Digital Identity

Crafting a distinctive, original and cutting edge personal digital identity, that adapts responsively across all media platforms, to showcase a high standard of web development and digital design acumen.

Publication & Editorial

Homely But Not At Home

The Uncanny is the only feeling which is more powerfully experienced in art than in life

Stanley Kubrick

The ISTD Brief

Homely But Not At Home was produced as a direct response to the ISTD 2014 Student Assessment brief, titled Everything About One Thing. Assessed by a judging panel of industry leading and practising graphic designers, as well as art school educators, the project was required to demonstrate a holistic design response and expert skill meeting a number of criteria. This included; lateral and conceptual thinking, depth of research, sensitivity of typographic interpretation, rigor and detail of typesetting, considered format and presentation, hierachy of information, layout and technical skill.

The brief required the production of a designed response in either digital or print format which would collate a compendium of information about a single subject, and present it for a public audience. Detail and accuracy were necessities, however content also needed to be curated to make the document concise and interesting. The resulting outcome needed to present a logical order of information whilst developing a visual strategy or language for the treatment of material. Such a language was required to be bound by rationality, forming considered relationships between, editorial, application, production and design.

Words and language were the collateral of this project and it was essential that the submission be essentially typographic.

HBNAH cover
A superb and competent publication that captures a sense of horror and unease through the combined use of typography and image. Spreads are cohesive resulting in a sophisticated end product supported by a superb body of research, detailed in the typographic specification, which indicates not only a great rationale but an intellectual justification.

ISTD Education Panel


The resulting publication is bound by rationality to the subject matter, implementing; colour, composition, symmetry, foreshadowing, doubling and a strictly imposed numerical system, to construct a subliminal semantic language drenched in intense and unnerving collages of 'uncanny' cinematography.

Accordingly the compendium was awarded Merit classification by the education panel of the International Society of Typographic Designers and will be archived indefinitely by the society.

HBNAH spread 02
HBNAH spread 01
HBNAH spread 04
HBNAH spread 03
HBNAH spread 06
HBNAH spread 05
Digital publications

View the publication

View the digital publication Homely But Not At Home to learn more about this project and the subject matter

View the specification

View the typographic specification to understand the strategy developed to treat the content and the rationale for design interpretation

Publication & Editorial

The Temporal Isle

Zalzala Jazeera erupted out of the Arabian Ocean, a land mass never before witnessed by mankind

24 / 09 / 13

The Publication

When an earthquake measuring 7.7 on the Moment Magnitude Scale struck remote Southwestern Pakistan a surprising and rare geological occurence took place. An island, dubbed 'Zalzala Jazeera' (Quake Island) rose out of the Arabian Sea several hundred meters from the coastline. Eclipsing the tragedy caused by the initial quake the island soon became a global phenomenon. Despite this it has been predicted that in less than 12 months the isle will succumb to weathering and erode back into the depths of the ocean.

The Temporal Isle seeks to document and play upon the notion of temporality, using a sequential narrative of colour and information hierarchy to represent the isle's short but thought provoking existence.

TTI island
Publication & Editorial

T E N Series

T E N is an ongoing series of research publications which aim to explore topical subjects of interest in global mass media and the sciences

T E N Series
TEN globe
The Everyday Narrative

T E N 0 1

Digital publication
Publication & Editorial

Subjects of Matter

Is it possible to visually explore the topic of theoretical physics in a manner accessible to a general audience?

Conversations on physical science

The Publication

Can the universe in its infinite complexity be summarised in an equation, or are we arrogant to suggest that we could describe a unified theory in such a way?

Can theoretical physics be considered a very unique form of creative thinking?

Subjects of Matter seeks to explore the answers to these questions and many more by challenging common assumptions and knowledges based around the physical sciences. The publication exists as an account of an hour long conversation, with two non-creatives, providing insight into the common individual's understanding of such ideas.

SOM motif
Digital publication
Print & Poster

A Matter of Time

How can time be managed more efficiently?

15 Days / 360 Hours

Where does the time go?

A question that many of us are left pondering on a daily basis. This infographic endeavours to illustrate precisely what periods of routine daily activities can amount to over a 15 day (360 hour) interval with the goal of identifying wasted or neglected time that can be managed more efficiently.

AMOT poster
Print & Poster

Poster Art 150

Poster Art 150 commemorates the 150th anniversary of the London Underground System, the advertisements for which have traced the development of visual communication into the modern world

Creative Review

The Poster

This two colour silk-screen printed poster was designed to coincide with Poster Art 150: London Underground's Greatest Designs, Transport for London's commemorative exhibition celebrating the 150th anniversary of the London Underground System, held at the London Transport Museum.

With a plethora of visual interpretations realised over the 150 years since the underground was founded the challenge of this project was to produce something original that captured the essence of the underground experience without becoming contrived or cliché.

Taking care to incorporate subtle references to TFL's established visual identity (colour, typographic detail and the roundel motif) whilst still keeping the design fresh and individual was an integral aspect of the design process.

PA150 hold
PA150 poster
Print & Poster

Design Fiction

The Prints

A collection of silk-screen/risograph poster and print designs looking to visually interpret established fundamentals of the physical sciences in order to actively engage users. The basic premise of each complex theory has been redacted into simple visual cues for clarity and ease of understanding, taking inspiration from scientific diagrams, text books and other relevant devices. The ultimate goal being to simplify the experience for a subjective audience.

Identity & Marks

Family Ties

Conveying history, legacy, identity and personality in the design of custom monograms

Brand Narrative
FT mono1
FT mono2

The Project

The goal of this project was to use intensive analysis and depth of research skills to visualise the personality of an individual in the design of a monogram.

Gender, era of life, place of birth, nationality, profession, hobbies, achievements, schooling and personality traits were all definitive factors taken into account when producing a design which would portray the individual character of the subject.

The design process was one of personal discovery, reliving the heritage and experiences of closely related family members. Constructing illustrative letterforms through mark-making, using narrative and visual language to convey history, legacy, identity and personality in the form of bespoke logotypes.

FT grace

The Models

Each monogram design was applied to a contextual model to further demonstrate the identity, attributes and traits of the individual for whom they were designed. These models also served to depict the key factors which contributed to and informed the design process.

A redacted and simplified version of Grace's monogram design, without the filigree decoration, was machine embroidered to a cotton hankerchief. In addition to this a poster was produced identifying many of the miscellaneous artefacts and posessions which had served as influence for the mark's decorative aesthetic.

Herbert's monogram design has been applied via silk-screen printing to a custom made wooden shop crate, fashioned in the style of early 20th century trading. Built by hand the shop crate is accompanied by a monotone silk-screen printed and metal clasp riveted label, threaded with twine and rubber stamped with the mark (modelled in the style of a butcher's swine brand).

FT crate4
FT crate2
FT crate3
FT crate1
FT crate5

MDW Digital Identity

Crafting a distinctive, original and cutting edge personal digital identity that adapts responsively across all media platforms for maximum user engagement


The Project

The goal of this project was to produce an original and distinctive digital identity which would showcase a high standard of web development and digital design acumen. Inspiration came from a bold and progressive RGB colour palette that popped on the screen and gave the design a distinguished yet playful character.

It was essential that the framework of the site be responsive across all platforms and media devices allowing maximum user engagement with the portfolio content presented.

Furthermore this required content to be independently curated for varying media devices, from large desktops, through laptops and tablets to smartphones, to accomodate restrictions in mobile data speeds, differing screen resolution aspect ratios and provide the best user experience at each level.

MDW iPhone

The Site

The final delivered outcome is designed, developed and built as a bespoke web project. Tested for cross browser functionality it delivers full functionality and design visuals across the latest versions of Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox degrading seamlessly into older and outdated substandard browser applications.

The site framework is built upon the foundation of a bespoke flexible and adaptive grid system using 16 even columns that can be combined, or folded, into 8 columns for tablet-sized screens, and into 4 columns for mobile sized ones. This covers all common screen resolutions ranging from 240 up to 2560 pixel widths.

The responsive framework can be tested in any desktop browser by resizing the application window accordingly.

Note: the webpage must be refreshed in order to preload slider gallery images at the correct screen resolution and aspect ratio.

MDW browser1



Making contact
Take the first step now. All potential commissions, prospective opportunities and other enquiries will be warmly welcomed and addressed promptly.
Silk-screen printing

Getting in touch

For; contract employment, short-term studio freelancing, internships and work experience please make contact using the supplied mailing form and find downloadable content below (including a CV and sample PDF portfolio).

For; quotation and consultation on any services, freelance commission and multi-disciplinary creative collaborations please make direct contact using either the subscription mailing form or email address provided.

Additional enquiries regarding commission on silk-screen and letterpress print-making services are also welcomed via these channels.

All other enquiries or for friendly advice and more information please do not hesitate to make contact using the contact details provided on this site.


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Contact details

Matt D Woodman [MISTD]
Creative // Thinker // Typographer

(+44) 7730 176 226



Social media

Creative Journal

The Creative Journal is a printed publication acting as documentation of all visual experimentation, process, rationale, methodology, observations, techniques and design research related to current personal projects in a specific time period.

It is archived as an educational resource for learning and progression as well as reflection on the development of design practice. This attached version is of low resolution for ease of access and quick download.

Cirriculum Vitae

The attached download contains two versions of an up-dated Cirriculum Vitae, for opposing media platforms. One is optimised for colour printing whilst the other is prepared to be viewed specifically on digital screens. Please use each of the correct versions for their intended mediums.

Downloadable portfolio

Attached is a low resolution promotional portfolio, featuring a small selection of case studies of the most popular, accalimed and critically receieved projects in this portfolio. Some other promotional materials may be added to this over time.

This resource is intended as an accessible reference point, provided specifically for the use of potential clients or employers.