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The Bristol Cable

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• Art Direction • Digital design • Illustration • Print • Publication & editorial •

I’ve been freelancing under various guises for The Bristol Cable since as early as 2014. Initially, intrigued by the concept of an independent and democratic media co-operative operating in the community to challenge corporate conglomerates, I began contributing as an pro-bono Print Designer on the first handful of issues, when the publications was in its early infancy.

Growing from a local challenger comprised of volunteers to a pioneering public interest organisation The Cable has amassed thousands of paying members (myself included) owning their own media, giving voice to the people and supporting independent investigative journalism that holds power to account. The paper operates on the fundamental principles that investigative journalism should be; inclusive, relevant and reporting: impartial.

As time has passed my involvement with the paper has been less frequent but the opportunities no less exciting. In latter years The Cable’s focus has turned towards digital publishing and we have collaborated on numerous award winning, nominated and shortlisted projects vying for attention alongside national media outlets (including projects; The Cornerman and Ice Cream Slavery case).

Most recently I worked with the founding team to re-design their website homepage to improve the visual appeal, navigation, highlighting of their USPs/campaigns, access to (and speed of) information, quality of the User Experience and better serve the needs of their users.

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