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Wolf Sans

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Wolf Sans static header image
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London based branding agency Studio Texture approached me in late 2020 to digitise a custom typeface as part of an identity project for their client, PacWolf; specialists in warehousing, fulfilment and e-commerce.

Working in collaboration with the studio I aided them in the early stages of the project by advising that they base preliminary designs on an Open Font License typeface, in order to mitigate additional work during the digitisation stage. Bespoke typeface design, tailored to order, is a very specialist service (one that I quite often receive requests for) and can grow to be a very costly one too. Although it is a service that I do offer we didn’t feel that it would be suitable in this instance.

Wolf Sans MW_WolfSans_Logo_01 Wolf Sans MW_WolfSans_Logo_02
Wolf Sans — square image
Wolf Sans — square image

Studio Texture opted to modify Google Font Montserrat, adding ‘spurs’ to the uppercase Roman/Latin character set to compliment their proposed identity work. During digitisation we duplicated the uppercase character set to the lowercase keystrokes allowing the user to mix and combine spurred and non-spurred glyphs in a modular manner for in-house marketing, internal and external communications.

Wolf Sans — scrolling portfolio image

Some further modifications were made to punctuation, lining numeral figures and then the remaining work (and majority of my time) was spent adjusting metrics and kerning pairs to ensure that the finalised typeface, Wolf Sans, had equal rhythm and spacing.

Wolf Sans MW_WolfSans_Glyphs_02
Wolf Sans MW_WolfSans_Warehouse_03
Wolf Sans MW_WolfSans_Warehouse_02
Wolf Sans — square image
Wolf Sans — square image
Wolf Sans — static image

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Wolf Sans

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